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Dance Umbrella Development programme

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Dance Forum is proud to announce that, in partnership with Rand Merchant Bank, it will be facilitating a new project that will professionally develop South African contemporary dance practitioners in the Northern Cape and Limpopo. This three-year Dance XChange project will enable them to create, perform and diversify their creativity and professional skill to ultimately earn a sustainable living from being performing arts professionals.
The Dance XChange programme will result in at least 20 young dance practitioners finding new ways of creating work, attending various workshop programmes and presenting the results of the process at Dance Umbrella 2013/14 and 15 and other dance platforms.

The content of the project will also include a dance and choreography development training programme, which will focus on bringing young individuals in the regions to attend workshops. There will be an accompanying development programme for community dance organisations within the regions. This will include a training programme in a creative working environment, giving them the opportunity to experiment with dance and choreography, focusing on their choices and patterns of life.  The process will encourage constructive critical analysis which will assist them to visualise and enable them to, “create what you want to be a part of”.  Diversity of culture in the regions will be the main focal point.

An arts management and administration training programme for the project participants will also assist them to become more structured and organised and to create a process that will look at how  to uplift and assist young people in their region. The intention is to build artistic and financial management competencies together, so that the participants can look at a career that can be self motivated and self sustaining. Additional subject matter includes proposal writing, fundraising, marketing and entrepreneurship in the arts.

The partners in the project include Alfred Hinkel from OKiep, Northern Cape and Arlette Franks from the Limpopo Arts and Culture Association.