Kind of Blue

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“Many different realities lived through one existence, few synonyms for defining the same word...A different colour to paint the same picture.

Is the power of colour making it hard to think beyond the colour? Can a colour ever be free of reference or allusion?

The piece implements other strategies to recall on the complexities, controversies and expectations concerning colours, human behaviours and relationships.

The elements of Kind Of Blue are originated from three main sources; the expression “Out of the blue”, the saying “run away I’ll follow you, follow me I’ll run away” and the colour that is a state of mind, a kind of music, a mood and a way of being...”


All along this process, we want to thank and acknowledge: Monica from the Westdene Recreation Centre and the Belgian Embassy in Pretoria.


Below is a video compilation of excerpts from the Dance Umbrella Performance

Additional Info

  • Choreographer: Fanny Skura and Mbuso Kgarebe
  • Venue/Time: WITS Nunnery
  • Title of Work: Kind of Blue
  • Music: Kind of Blue (So What; Blue In Green; Flamenco Sketches alternate take) by Miles Davis
  • Costume Design: none
  • Set Design: none
  • Lighting Design: none
  • Director/Artistic Director: none
  • Dancers/Performers/Cast: Fanny Skura and Mbuso Kgarebe
  • Video: none
  • Other: none
  • Company: Blagora Peforming Arts Productions

Other Highlights

  • Fringe Programme: Saturday, February 26 from 14:00 @ The Wits Theatre: A programme of new works from young up and coming professional choreographers that will give you a view into the future!!
  • Stepping Stones a wonderful celebration of the wide diversity of South African dance!! Sunday, February 27 from 10:00 at the Wits Theatre.
  • Site Specific work by Alan Parker called Retrospective: Altered Daily: you will feel his presence all over the Dance Umbrella!!
  • Dance Writers Workshop: In partnership with the Goethe-Institut South Africa, a workshop for dance writers will be facilitated by Zingi Mkefa. Dance articles by the participants and other selected journalists will be written for The Citizen CitiVibe for the special Dance Umbrella 2011 editions!
  • Master Classes: a series of master classes facilitated by internationally renowned teacher/dancers, will take place during the Dance Umbrella: watch the press for more information!
  • DO WE NEED COCA COLA TO DANCE: A documentary about contemporary dance in Africa!! The Dance Factory: Sunday, February 27 @ 15:00. Created and produced by Qudus Onikeku from Nigeria.
  • Celebrating the life of Pina Bausch: A series of films about the legendary German choreographer Pina Bausch will be shown in partnership with the Goethe- Institut South Africa. Watch press for details!