Triple Bill

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Inter.Fear by Athena Mazarakis and Hansel Nezza, Cellardoor by Alan Parker and Canvas by Louise Coetzer: Company: Darkroom Contemporary

by Athena Mazarakis and Hansel Nezza

A trans-national investigation of ‘fear’ as a common and essential human pre-occupation. The choreographers and performers Athena Mazarakis (Johannesburg) and Hansel Nezza (Barcelona/Berlin)triple_bill_1_1 collaborate to create an innovative theatrical experience that explores fear as ‘interference’ which mediates human encounters and relationships. The material for the work is sourced and researched across three cities: Barcelona, Berlin and Johannesburg.triple_bill_1_2 In partnership with the Goethe-Institut South Africa.

Cellardoor by Alan Parker

This work discovers and uncovers moments, images, ideas and representations of ‘Beauty’ in physical form, separated from meaning and narrative. The title Cellar Door, is a phrase often referred to in linguistic and semantic writings on beauty in the English language.


by Louise Coetzer: Company: Darkroom Contemporary

Inspired by the music of Swedish electronic outfit Fever Ray and pioneer of the electronica genre Laurie Anderson, Canvas explores the synthesis and juxtaposition of elements not usually placed together. Just as the music takes the very traditional genre of opera, and places it against modern, electronic music, so too does the visual elements in the work create a strong contrast between the traditional art forms and the urban, unpredictability of street art. Canvas is a visual tour of the chaotic, aggressive city life we live, and touches on our yearning to return to a simpler existence. It peeks at the issues city dwellers constantly grapple with: power and oppression, war with ourselves and each other, disease, survival, a degrading planet and the search for harmony within the tangle of life.

Canvas is a collaboration with Cape Town based graffiti artist Imraan, who will be creating a visual
interpretation of the work as part of the performance.

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Additional Info

  • Choreographer: featuring works by Athena Mazarakis, Hansel Nezza, Alan Parker and Louise Coetzer
  • Venue/Time: The Dance Factory - Feb 24 & 25 @ 20:00
  • Title of Work: Triple Bill
  • Music: ---
  • Costume Design: ---
  • Set Design: ---
  • Lighting Design: ---
  • Director/Artistic Director: ---
  • Dancers/Performers/Cast: Athena Mazarakis, Hansel Nezza
  • Video: ---
  • Other: ---
  • Company: Darkroom Contemporary