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Daddy, I've Seen This Piece Six Times Before And I Still Don't Know Why They're Hurting Each Other...

This work premiered at the Dance Umbrella festival in 1998. Since then it has been presented extensively all over the world. As a start to our 25th anniversary in 2013, we are presenting this work. Robyn Orlin’s Daddy explores politics in the arts in terms of performance empowerment and ownership of space. Six performers fight over the same space while they wait for their director to arrive for a performance. They are in a state of panic five minutes before the show, but the director does not arrive. Their waiting becomes the background against which the collage of dances is set. Daddy, won the prestigious Lawrence Olivier Theatre Award in London for Outstanding Achievement in Dance in 2003 and has won the Jan Fabre Award at the Bagnolet Choreographic Society in Paris and came third in the African and Indian Ocean Choreographic Competition.

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Additional Info

  • Choreographer: Robyn Orlin
  • Venue/Time: The Laager Theatre, Newtown - Feb 22, 23 & 24 @ 21:00
  • Title of Work: Daddy
  • Music: ---
  • Costume Design: ---
  • Set Design: ---
  • Lighting Design: ---
  • Director/Artistic Director: ---
  • Dancers/Performers/Cast: Unlisted
  • Video: ---
  • Other: ---
  • Company: ---

Other Highlights

Stepping Stones:A wonderful celebration of the wide diversity of South African dance. Saturday and Sunday, February 18 & 19 @ 10:00:The Wits Theatre.

The Young Choreographers Workshop Programme: Facilitated by Alfred Hinkel, this ten day workshop will assist young choreographers in finding new tools to creating dance works.

Dance Writers Workshop: Funded by the Goethe Institute: Johannesburg a workshop for dance writers will be facilitated by Mary Corrigall. The participants will go through a process of learning more about reviewing and writing about dance and dance articles by the participants and other selected journalists will be written for a special edition of Dance Umbrella 2012.

Face to Face Discussions: Selected choreographers will discuss their work with Adrienne Sichel and audience members are welcome to attend and take part in the conversation. These face to face meetings will take place at selected times after performances or during the day. Watch press for details.