Who is this beneath my skin

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I am of mixed race. Black and White. I do not know how much of each. All I know is that I am me and that is what I would like you to see. Not your version of what you think I should be or an image of me that is comfortable for you to accept.

Desiré Davids


Beneath the colour… beneath religion… beneath culture… are we the person we are because of or in spite of? This multi-media work is a search for self and a struggle against confinement. It interrogates the unravelling/unpacking of self. How much of us is imposed by culture, communities, religion, public views and opinions? Are we fearful of change… to disappoint or be rejected… do we question enough?? Who are we… me and you… Who is this beneath our skin??

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Additional Info

  • Choreographer: Desiré Davids
  • Venue/Time: The Dance Factory, Newtown - Feb 27 & 28 @ 20:00
  • Title of Work: Who is this beneath my skin
  • Music: ---
  • Costume Design: ---
  • Set Design: ---
  • Lighting Design: ---
  • Director/Artistic Director: ---
  • Dancers/Performers/Cast: Unlisted
  • Video: ---
  • Other: Producer: Floating Outfit Project (South Africa). Co-Producer: Centre for Creative Arts, UKZN JOMBA! 2010. With the assistance of: Montpellier Danse 2011/ C.N.C.D.C. de Châteauvallon, 83192 , Ollioules/ L’Institut Français (Afrique et Caraïbes).
  • Company: ---

Other Highlights

Stepping Stones:A wonderful celebration of the wide diversity of South African dance. Saturday and Sunday, February 18 & 19 @ 10:00:The Wits Theatre.

The Young Choreographers Workshop Programme: Facilitated by Alfred Hinkel, this ten day workshop will assist young choreographers in finding new tools to creating dance works.

Dance Writers Workshop: Funded by the Goethe Institute: Johannesburg a workshop for dance writers will be facilitated by Mary Corrigall. The participants will go through a process of learning more about reviewing and writing about dance and dance articles by the participants and other selected journalists will be written for a special edition of Dance Umbrella 2012.

Face to Face Discussions: Selected choreographers will discuss their work with Adrienne Sichel and audience members are welcome to attend and take part in the conversation. These face to face meetings will take place at selected times after performances or during the day. Watch press for details.